Nielsen Homescan

Nielsen Homescan Paid for Opinion Polls online on the Internet. The Nielsen Homescan directly analyses the Opinions of Consumers and Consumers by evaluating their buying habits. As a Member of the Nielsen Household Panel, the Nielsen Homescan gives you influence on the development of new Products that you can then find on the shelves of Stores when shopping. After Registration, you will receive a Handheld Scanner that you can use to capture the barcodes of the Products you buy for your daily needs. Scanning with the Nielsen Handheld Scanner takes very little Time. Once a Week, the Handheld Scanner transmits your data to Nielsen via the Internet. It is important to Note that you do not incur any Costs.

Nielsen Homescan Paid Opinion Polls

Things to know about Nielsen Homescan

Login and Registration:

  • Duration about 5 Minutes, free of charge
  • Nielsen regularly invites to Paid Opinion Polls / short Surveys


  • For the regular recording of your purchases, you receive Points which you can exchange for attractive Premiums. Additional Projects and Paid Opinion Polls allow you to earn more Points. You get the chance to win Cars and Trips several Times a Year.