Hiving United Kingdom

Hiving offers a way of earning money on the Internet in a serious and simple way through paid opinion polls in which you can participate for free. For market research, paid opinion surveys are of particular importance, for example before the market launch of new products. The money earning in the Internet takes place free of charge with the offerer Hiving within the range of the market study active in three uncomplicated steps. First - of course free of charge and without obligation - a profile must be filled out, which is also important for market research and evaluation in the area of paid opinion surveys, since some paid opinion surveys, for example, only address certain age groups. The second step is to start earning money on the Internet by filling out the surveys made available by Hiving. The third step for Hiving is to convert the points you earn into cash free of charge (with no deduction for fees). All in all, Hiving offers a simple, serious and transparent way to earn money on the Internet in the field of market research.

Hiving paid Opinion Polls United Kingdom

Things to know about Hiving

Login and registration:

  • Free of charge, duration about 5 to 6 Minutes
  • regular Invitation to paid Opinion Polls

Hiving Awards:

  • Points that can be exchanged for Cash
  • fixed conversion of Points (80 points = 1,00 €)

Payment United Kingdom:

  • The payout to a PayPal account is possible with a credit of 400 Points or more.