Entscheiderclub, paid opinion polls, where participation in market research is rewarded with attractive rewards. The Entscheiderclub platform enables participants to use paid opinion surveys to earn money and to generate an attractive additional income by answering a few questions. In cooperation with companies that are interested in the honest opinion of potential customers, Entscheiderclub regularly conducts paid opinion surveys within the framework of market research, which not only expect answers from users, but are actually worthwhile. To participate, all you need to do is register free of charge and paid opinion surveys are ready and waiting. In this way, market research can not only influence products and services, but also earn cash money. The more paid opinion polls are completed, the higher the premium payout will be. In principle, however, it is up to each user to decide how often he wants to take part in market research at Entscheiderclub. However, no matter how often surveys are answered, it is always worth participating in market research at Entscheiderclub.

Entscheiderclub paid opinion polls

Things to know about Entscheiderclub


  • Free, online, takes about 4 minutes
  • Regular invitation to paid opinion polls (5 - 7 times per month)


  • Money
  • 0,50 to 3,50 € per Survey


  • Payment from a Credit of 10 EUR by Bank Transfer